Artificial Grass for Roofs, Decks, and Patios in Arizona


One of the truly great things about our artificial grass is its versatility. There is seemingly no end to the places SYNLawn synthetic turf can enhance with the right design, and we’re coming across more every day. Adding this quality artificial grass in places such as rooftop terraces, patios and decks maximizes the appeal of these spaces and allows for designs that would otherwise be downright impossible without synthetics. SYNLawn synthetic grasses are highly durable, so you’re going to get a surface that doesn’t experience the wear and tear or require the maintenance of other options.


If you see a place in your home or business you think might make a good place for a synthetic grass installation, chances are it will! Our landscaping turf has always been a favorite for synthetic lawns because of its incredible look and feel, and its inclusion on rooftops, decks and patios is a natural because of benefits that include:


  • More usable living space
  • A gorgeous aesthetic indoors and out
  • Less money spent on water bills
  • A superior synthetic grass that stays cool in warmer temperatures
  • Durable installations that will withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Less maintenance for your home or business


We’re proud of the versatility of SYNLawn products, and in the ability to create more additional living space for our clients via our comfortable and durable synthetic grass landscaping turf. Is there a space at your home that upon second glance might benefit from our artificial turf products? Look up, down and all around for the many wonderful places that SYNLawn fake grass can enhance your surroundings. With the design and installation team here at Paradise Greens and our quality SYNLawn artificial grass, we can create a custom installation that is as beautiful as it is functional on a year-round basis.


As a distributor of SYNLawn artificial grass products, we sell and install SYNLawn’s sustainable Eco-friendly solutions for the replacement of natural grass. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on SYNLawn branded products, the most credible name in the industry.